What is a PEP?

Pooled Employer Plans, or PEPs, allow multiple employers to pool their resources to offer a shared 401(k) plan to their employees. This approach can reduce administrative burdens and costs associated with offering a retirement plan, making it more feasible for smaller employers.

What are the benefits?
  • Cost Efficiency: By pooling together, employers can achieve economies of scale, potentially leading to lower administrative costs and investment fees.
  • Reduced Administrative Responsibility: The administrative duties and fiduciary responsibilities are transferred to a Pooled Plan Provider (PPP), reducing the workload on individual employers.
  • Access to Better Investment Options: The larger asset pool may allow access to more diverse and potentially higher-quality investment options that might not be available to smaller individual plans.
  • Simplified Management: Employers can offer a competitive retirement plan without having to manage it directly, making it easier to focus on their core business.

For further details, read more from Ropes & Gray – Pooled Employer Plans (“PEPs”): Putting a little PEP in a 401k retirement plan could help to protect your Portfolio Companies.

PEPs can be an attractive option for smaller employers looking to offer retirement benefits without the heavy lift of managing a plan themselves. However, it’s important for employers to carefully consider their options, understand their responsibilities, and choose a reputable PEP to ensure the success of their 401(k) plan offering.

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