Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Smith Brothers Insurance is an endorsed provider of the Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program for the agents for one or more of the CATIC Family of companies.

This comprehensive program features the potential for:

  • A CATIC Family Program Discount
  • Additional Risk Purchasing Group Discount Pricing in Certain States
  • Free Retirement Tail Provision
  • First Dollar Defense
  • Career Coverage
  • No Hammer Clause
  • Maintaining Your Retro Date (Prior Work Coverage)
  • Title Searcher Coverage
  • Coverage from an “A” rated carrier who is among the Top 25 Property & Liability Insurers in the country
  • Policy comes with Access to Risk Management Portal
  • Risk Management Assistance and Support, including a hotline to a Risk Advisor
  • Access to a dedicated Claims Specialist
  • Potential Discounts on Other Policies Supplied by the Carrier

To receive a quote or speak with a representative, please contact:

Scott Garcia at 860-430-3330 or email at

Note: This policy, like many professional liability policies, is silent or excludes crime exposures and is very limited with regard to cyber exposures. These exposures are generally covered more appropriately with crime and cyber policies tailored to those losses and your risk profile. For more information on how to properly address your crime and cyber needs, including social engineering coverage, contact Scott Garcia.