Committee / Foreclosure Sale Coverage

Smith Brothers Insurance is the endorsed provider of Committee / Foreclosure Sale Coverage.


Any Connecticut attorney who is appointed to represent the court in a foreclosure is eligible to become a member of the CT Committee of Sale RPG, managed by Smith Brothers Insurance, LLC.


Foreclosure Standing Orders require $1,000,000 liability insurance in the name of the attorney (Committee of Sale) to provide liability protection for the day of possession (sale).


For $200 per binder, the attorney will be provided with proof of coverage that meets the Judicial Insurance requirements.


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    Once payment is received, the attorney will be provided with evidence of coverage and a paid receipt that will allow for reimbursement of the premium from the court.

    To view the CT Committee of Sale RPG, Inc. Liability Insurance Policy Declarations, CLICK HERE ».

    This program has been designed by Smith Brothers Insurance, LLC. – a leading provider of insurance and risk management products for law firms – and endorsed by CATIC Pro, Inc., a subsidiary of CATIC Financial, Inc. and a sister company to CATIC – a leading provider of Title Insurance.

    The CT Committee of Sale RPG is written with a company rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best & Co. to negotiate the $200 premium for this policy, which is 20% less than what is currently available in the marketplace. You will be pleased with the ease of doing business with us.